Windows XP SP3 ISO Full Version Free Download [Original]


Microsoft Windows XP Professional ISO image with service pack 3 is the latest edition of Windows XP series.  Get Windows XP SP3 ISO Full Version Free Download through our direct link available for the users of the Amazingly, even after 13 long years, this OS hasn’t let down its users. It includes original SP1 & SP2 in official ISO CD download.

Windows XP SP3 ISO Free DownloadBy: Microsoft Inc.
Package: Full Version
File Size: 617 MB
Updated: 06/05/2008
Version: Professional (SP3)
Windows XP Professional SP3 Product Key
NOTE: This is only the Installation Key not for Windows Genuine Activation (WGA).

Windows XP SP3 ISO Full Version Free Download

Windows XP SP3 ISO Full Version Free Download Review

Windows XP Home and Professional editions were major releases at the year of 2001 that defined the Microsoft’s way of welcoming the 21st Century. Windows XP is still a great operating system to work on. Windows XP UI soon became the most user friendly OS that any ordinary person can use it easily.

Windows XP Service Pack 3 ISO includes all previously released updates for the operating system. This update (SP3) includes a few new functionalities, but does not significantly change customer experience with the OS. You can obtain Windows XP SP3 from Windows Update, at

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Upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7

How To Install Windows XP From ISO Image

After you successfully downloaded windows XP ISO file. Save it on your PC. Follow this tutorial which tells How to install Windows XP (SP3) via USB Drive. The steps to install windows XP are simple and easy. Comment here if you face any issues during windows XP ISO download or installation. recommend this Spyware & Virus free Windows XP SP3 ISO Full Version Free Download.

Operating System Requirements

  • Processor: Pentium III
  • Memory: 512 Mb
  • Hard disk space: 5 GB available
  • Video card: Super VGA (800 x 600)
Disclaimer – do not Provide any crack, patches, serial numbers or keygen activation for Windows XP SP3 ISO.

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  • vsvedv ed


  • Biff Tannen

    is it not fake?

    • WhoCares Nine

      its real

  • Bilal Khan

    64 bit or 32 bit?

    • Hello Bilal Kahn It’s 32Bit.

  • Scout

    thanks its working

    • You Welcome

      • WhoCares Nine

        is it real?

        • Yes It is 100% real. feel free to download

          • WhoCares Nine

            Then I hope I dont get a virus

          • WhoCares Nine

            Thank you! It works

  • Niub

    Safe to download? I don’t want to get ANY viruses or spywares!

    • Hello Niub we test before upload,it is 100% safe and virus free application

      • StefanPopov

        “it is 100% safe and virus free application”

  • PlezIWantVMware

    Hmm.. is it safe to download?

    • Yes it is 100% safe to download from this site

      • PlezIWantVMware

        And i can use this on Virtual machine

  • Pavel L

    I downloaded it, but the “How to install Windows XP (SP3) via USB Drive ” link is inactive, do you still have a tutorial ? I’m trying to recover a corrupt windows XP Pro on my other computer, It gives me the option to open in safe mode then I get the blue screen of death after, it all happened after unsuccessfully trying to reinstall SP3 and it telling me to do it with wizard.

    Thank you

      • Pavel L

        Thank you. I noticed that’s for making it in Windows 7, do you know if it will work to make one for windows XP pro using Windows 7 ?

        • I guess it should work for windows xp Pro using windows 7 method.

    • Ch Yawer Hameed

      hellow brother if u want 2 instaal ur window 1st install ultra iso and instaal it
      2nd open it and now click new file chose file window xp where u download it 3rd and connect ur usb flash with ur computer then click bootable and then click write bootable disk 4th select opetion usb select ur usb and write it when it finished now ur flash is ready
      if it not works first ultra iso run as administrator its done

  • Gerardo Rincon

    Does this service pack work with Windows XP Home? or Professional only

    • Hello Gerardo Rincon, This is windows XP Professional

  • Srajan

    When i download the file it says windows xp sp3 sata drivers, does that mean it is only used for driver purposes or is it an iso that will make usb drive bootable as to install windows xp sp3???

    • Hello srajan this is windows XP service pack 3 ISO, you can create bootable usb drive to install win xp on your machine

  • Srajan

    Thanks Zaibe its working But the product key you gave i had typed in the setup but it said product id is invalid. So can u please help me in this situation or should i have to buy the license adminstrator to get the product key for win xp sp3? And i also tried other product keys too but it didnt comes so pls help me!

    • You welcome srajan Microsoft no longer provide support for windows XP according to my knowledge. You should try other ways / keys to activate it. Spending money on Win Xp is useless.

  • Srajan

    Ok thanks Zaibe and the iso you had given is working a lot to my computer, other iso when i downloaded wasn’t working so every time i will download iso or any application in this site, it is a very good site and my computer is windows xp , but can i install windows 7 to my machine or not?

  • Srajan

    Can someone help me, i tried many product keys to install windows xp sp3 but none is working i also tried out in this website product key but its not working< it is saying product id is invalid! Please help me out anyone!

    • try this

  • Hanichu

    Is this working with a x64 or x86 or it doesn’t matter? cuz i wanna try to install it through a virtual machine

  • This is official untouched windows xp sp3 32BIT ISO file

  • Sora 空 『  』

    It’s still working?

    • Yeah Sora it is still working you can download win xp sp3 copy from here

  • jenar syahroni

    this is working and this full version

  • jryan

    this is not oworking. i download it but i can not choose it for the bootable usb/dvd. please help. it says the file i select is not the right ISO file. and this is the download that i click here

  • corey

    does anyone know if this will allow me to play a certain game specifically for XP on a windows 10?

  • michael

    Having same problem… the selected isofile is not valid

  • Michael

    version 2.8 solves this problem….. the Windows XP file is perfectly fine… download Rufus and select Create bootable usb with Iso image and presto.. .super quick and efficient.

    Now I gotta find a key

  • Rohit rohit

    i need everything xp,7,8,8.1 iso files in a single file in a compressed zipped file

    • StefanPopov

      Why do you need that?
      Btw that zip file would take HOURS to Download

      • Thanks Stefan for helping others

    • CreeperGuy 555

      it will not fit to the cd, unless you use a usb flashdrive, just download a windows 7 AIO,windows 8 AIO and windows 8.1 AIO

  • AV

    Does this work on 32 bit? Please. Thank you

    • Yes AV it work on 32bit

      • haha huhu

        this windows xp sp3 32 or 64 bit?

  • Go to manufacturer website and upgrade them it is easy and secure way to do it


    Thanks For Support

  • Terminator

    can i istall it at a old pc with no system ?

    • StefanPopov

      Linux would be an good Choice.
      But it will work if your old PC is good enough.

  • Aditya Vaidya

    Hieee zaibe its not working after run the cd its saying setup cannot continue because the version of windows on your computer is newer than the version on the cd .
    What does that mean ??? Please help me with that

    • Which OS is installed on your machine?

      • Aditya Vaidya

        Windows 07 professional

        • Format your hard disk, then install win xp.Any good reason for downgrading to windows xp?

  • It depends on you, your system specifications, for low end system specs Windows XP is fine. But MS left Windows XP updates, so security point of view it could be a risk. In my honest opinion you just clean install windows 7 again.

  • Create a backup of your data and format you drives and clean install windows 7 using our ISO file. Install ccleaner software which helps you to remove junk files from your hard drive. If you install / Uninstall Application frequently use Uninstall program to completely uninstall leftovers.

    • Aditya Vaidya

      Yeah for sure :-)
      Thanks for your help and responce ill do the same what u said if i get any trouble i let you know and i. Sure you’ll help me ;-)
      And thanks again miss :-)

      • You are most welcome, I am here to assist you Aditya Vaidya

  • Yes you can use this to format Microsoft windows 8.1, download windows XP and create a bootable CD or USB then format win 8.1. I guess you don’t know how to create a bootable CD or USB here is a link

  • StefanPopov

    Windows XP is Paid Software, but you cant buy it anymore.

  • MeMadMax

    Thanks for this. Thought I was done with XP class machines but then one fell in my lap yesterday and all my DVD’s were scratched so this saved me in a pinch =D

    • You welcome memadmax

  • Anurag Rathore

    This windows xp error

    • Please tell me about error?

  • haha huhu

    can I know where I can download windows xp 64bit

      • Schultz Leetoequa

        You are always there to assist, you do a great job! Thanx Zaibe**

        • You welcome schultz leetoequa

          • Sadiq Sleemz

            good job my dear

      • mc

        Hello, I just want to ask what happened to the page? because it’s giving me a blank page, I don’t know if it’s just an error on my side or the page doesn’t exist anymore. Thanks :)


        Zaibe Mem I can’t no download windows xp 64 bit but at see download fail in link plz you can help me men

        • NEAGU Ilie Ștefan

          Hard disk problem

      • Selva C

        Dear Zaibe, recently i installed windows xp sp3 OS, but after installation i cannot here sounds from the speakers or headphones. when i checking for audio devices, found no audio device. please guide me to solve this issue. thank u

        • Prince Kairon

          Drivers install kro

        • Dushan Ranaweera

          You can install realtek audio drivers

          • NEAGU Ilie Ștefan

            3dchip for audio

  • Pratyush Kapoor

    Mam !! Can u tell me that can i install windows xp black edition?? Bcz my pc’s motherboard is old and it supports only windows xp not even windows 7!! So plzz help me and give link if possible

  • Pratyush Kapoor

    Mam can u provide me the link of windows xp black edition

    • Hello Pratyush Kapoor In my opinion you should install windows XP SP 3 instead of Win XP black edition

  • How?

    • Pratyush Kapoor

      Bcz of ur windows xp sp3!! As , my earlier windows was corrupted , so my pc shuts!!! Yesterday , installed ur windows xp and boom!!!! It starts again! Ty

  • nitin sharma

    i have downloaded and installed in my pc…..but i coudnt find drivers for audio,pci,vga (compatible),pci modem, ethernet controller and multimedia audio controller ……….can anyone help me

    • Nitin Sharma, you should visit the hardware manufacturer website to update your driver or you can visit the drivers category on this site to install drivers updater software to auto update all hardware drivers.

  • Kiwiz

    how do i install it to a fresh pc?

    • Create a bootable usb first using the windows xp iso then install

  • Kangpa

    My computer is emty, so I want to install this app by copying app to USB, then how can I install it? How can I boot it up?

  • osama bin swaggin


  • Schultz Leetoequa

    I am glad to be here and i appreciate your work guys, especially the Softlay members. I am here to assist users! i do software solutions and also a software developer and web programmer. Everybody is free to ask questions related to software installations, problems, recovery etc, and i will assist in all ways i can. Thanks to all the users and owner of

  • Nitish Dabas

    will it work for a 32 bit system or not ?

  • vik4 Siva

    how to connect wifi network on windows xp help me pls..

    • You need Wifi LAN card for this

  • Madandeva

    I want to install this app by copying app to CD / USB / DVD , then how can I install it? How can I boot it up?

    • Download the ISO version from the link. then read this how to create a bootable USB this way you can install windows XP.

  • Madandeva

    I want to install Windows XP service pack 3 this app by copying app to CD / USB / DVD , then how can I install it? How can I boot it up?

  • Harexe

    Can i install it directly from Windows to have a second system on my second HDD

  • ade 23

    I’m Downloading windows XP,Vista,and 8 to break.

  • Some Guy

    I can’t wait to experience the best of the digital age.

  • Sachin Patwa

    I downloaded this iso file.,made it bootable but the system isnt the usb drive in the boot

  • Calub Ooliee

    When I installed it, every time I booted my PC it just crashed… I had to use it in safe mode to restore back to sp2… :( any suggestions?

  • Ripu Patel

    i have 2mbps speed but still is has very low downloading speed

    • Allan Marikovski

      That is because 2mbps download is very very slow.

    • Ellaka

      2mb is VERY slow but slower than mine because i have 1mb. gonna need to force openreach to power up my area… they wont cause i live in countryside

  • mumu lala

    wha the serial number ?
    or no serial number ?

    • you can find in the download area

  • Nokib

    i need 32bit

  • Mesh Tosh

    can this windowsxp work perfectly with this key..tell me if your have used it pls..

    • Yes indeed it works with that key

  • Mesh Tosh

    can i download windos xp and use it..

  • Mesh Tosh


  • Adzisu Samuel Kwaku

    Please,does windows xp comes with drivers

    • Yes, to get latest updated drivers visit manufacturer site.

  • Yamjit Yayin

    i does not find valid key please help

  • Not work for me…

  • Yamjit Yayin

    need installation key which is valid i tried 30 keys which are availabel on net please help

    • You can get key in the tab next to download

      • Bang Andre

        I can’t find teh tab “next”

        • CreeperGuy 555

          click the “product key” tab or use this key
          Windows XP Professional SP3 Product Key
          QW4HD DQCRG HM64M 6GJRK 8K83T
          NOTE: This is only the Installation Key not for Windows Genuine Activation (WGA).

  • ian

    downloaded windows xp sp3 iso used your key to start the upgrade, accepted by windows.
    Then at the end of “installing windows” menu had an error message saying that the key is invalid,
    Appreciate any assistance as it is now stuck with this message every time I start windows.

  • Yes i guess, you can install this via dual boot

  • Ahmed Mno

    thanks…really thanks

  • 7aMm0

    Where is the install tutorial ?

  • Suraj

    Hey, I downloaded the windows XP and also made the usb bootable. But when I try to install windows XP by clicking setup.exe the “Install windows XP” button is greyed and I cannot click it. What should I do now? Please help me.

  • Baftir Dauti

    is it 32 or 64 bit

  • Phalguni Pradhan

    How to install in pc

  • Aman

    Try rufus but did’t work.. Which software i use to Boot win xp..?
    Send download link

    • rdqw

      It will be Oracle Virtual Box

  • Sairam Mohan

    guys this image file is only win xp os or it is with sp3 also image file??

  • Erek Lazar (Pockmeryn)

    Will this take OEM PKC’s or only Retail PKC’s?

    • Sorry don’t understand your question

      • Shahzaib Hussain

        hi zaibi how r you i want some help
        i am new

  • shah

    thankss <3

  • Shahzaib Hussain

    hello dear i am new i want some help

    • feel free to ask

      • Pradip Kumar Das

        Before booting i got msg. File “…/system32/hp.dll” missing. Please install and try again.
        What do I do?

      • Naman Yadav

        can you please provide me with product key Zaibe
        or you can tell me from where i can get one

        • QW4HD DQCRG HM64M 6GJRK 8K83T

  • Vincent de Waard

    can I also download a Dutch ISO for Windows XP SP3? Thnx

  • Vincent de Waard

    hello, can I also download a Dutch Iso for Windows XP SP3

    • we have English version available on the site. You should try language packs for windows xp hope it solve the problem.

  • Preet Shah

    Is this 100% original? I mean could I just format the the current windows due virus issue and be reliable on this one?

    • It’s official untouched ISO version of windows XP SP3. Create a backup then install windows.

  • Rajan

    Got 410 error: gone on my download manager and now the download link gives a 403 error.



  • F1stickman

    Where is the tutorial? It says to “follow this tutorial”, but i dont see any links or anything.

    • where it says ?

      • Somveer Singh

        its not working for xp

        • What

          • Somveer Singh

            Create Windows 7 Bootable USB Drive From ISO File…this is not creating bootable windows xp sp3 iso..

  • islamic Reminder

    what do i need to do when there is no activation code

  • Dulaj Chathuranga

    very very nic this web i likeit . also good working

  • Kirti

    hi i downloaded and made a bootable usb of the image, it started installing but after sometime it asked for ‘Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 CD’. Where shall I get it in middle of the installation? Also, I thought that this iso contains both Win Xp and sp3 image so that its easy for users but I guess its not. Kindly help. Thanks

  • It takes time to proceed. Beside you have low System specification

  • HMT

    Does it have a Generic Backdoor or something like that?
    I mean, who would give away the most popular OS for free?

    • Bill Gates

      yes it is

  • AJ

    Who that guy “Mahem”, his name inside OS, this is not a clear ISO

  • CreeperGuy 555

    Windows XP Professional SP3 Product Key
    NOTE: This is only the Installation Key not for Windows Genuine Activation (WGA).

  • Vekariya Tushar

    how to enter setup start in usb boot device and boot setup

  • Hemant Meena

    C0000221 error show…help me

  • You can

    • Mansoor Khan

      hello Zaibe can you u upload windows 7 8 8.1 or 10 with latest update

    • Siva

      Hi, thank you i successfully formatted and installed windows xp, but there not asking any serial number, when i type oobe/msoobe /a this in run its showing windows genuine already activated, my system is DELL my question is why not asking windows key ??

      • Cristobaldelicia

        Sorry this is a very late reply, but did you, or the previous owner have a copy of WinXP running on the computer previously? Perhaps the key was saved in the factory restore image (which is usually hidden on the hard drive).

  • Farhad Khan

    My window does not have such plz help me

  • Aamir Kapadia

    this is 32 bit ?

  • Singha Chandra Probhat

    I can’t no download windows xp 64bit you can help me

    • NEAGU Ilie Ștefan

      Da ferifica netul sau hard disk daca nu descarcal pe telefon si fal potabil

  • mostafa hamed


  • mostafa hamed


    • Joseph

      Download and install PowerISO run as administrator > Tools tab > make Bootable USB

      At least 4GB flash drive

      • mostafa hamed


  • Suryanto Ogriv

    Don’t with rufus, i ever tried too. U can booting with wintoflash. It’s work to booting with usb.

  • Sorry for late reply, It is 32bit

    • kiran sudhakar

      hi.. I m having windows xp sp3 v.3264 usb port is not working and while trying to install usb driver ,it shows “USB2.0 support is available by installing service pack 3 for windows ok to update service pack 3”
      what should i do…plz reply

  • Shibu Barman

    madam can i brun the iso file on dvd by nero 7

  • Agra Evandinnartha

    I install windows 10 pro creators update 32 bit and i finish installation windows 10 and work running no lag but i can’t watching film and streaming on youtube because if video is playing always lag not smooth because my all driver is not compatible for windows 10, my all driver only compatible for windows xp before i instal windows 10 in my pc os is windows xp sp3 i watching film and streaming youtube is working very well not lag and running smooth. Are there any drivers I support in windows 10, my spec pc desktop is cpu hp intel pentium 4 2.80Ghz ram 2GB DDR1 vga on board intel 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family. my pc is very old and very low spec :)

  • Agra Evandinnartha

    Activation key Windows XP Pro SP3 32-Bit : WCBG6-48773-B4BYX-73KJP-KM3K3

  • Tazo Mezurnishvili

    hi can you tell me what is product key of this version? (

    • Mentioned in the post

  • Giri Dharan

    where to download windows XP

  • arun

    Zaibe i want to re-install windows xp in my desktop, but the problem is my dvd driver/writer is not working and i don’t have windows xp cd. Right now my computer is automatically shut down and re start after a some time. Please help me what to do?

  • arun kumar

    hi, i want to re-install windows xp in my computer, but the problem is my dvd driver/writer is not working and i don’t have windows xp cd. How can i reinstall this on my desktop. My computer is automatically shut down and re start it again. How it will be work properly? Please help

  • prashanth reddy

    how do we open thses operating sytem after downloading

  • Rudolf Sindelar

    i have 64 bit PC i need 32 bit XP PRO , some people said that 32 bit working with only 2 G RAM , i need XP PRO 32 bit + SATA + WOW64 + SP3

  • Conner Blair


  • Aethas

    There’s no 64-bit version for the SP3 available, either. You’ll have to to settle for SP2, top.

  • Parker Reed

    This is not a full install ISO. The setup expects you to already have some kind of Windows already installed. This is an upgrade disc, not full clean install.

  • kishan kumar

    I cannot downlod its shows 434 forbidden plz help

    • Himayat Zehgeer

      Use Ultra surf vpn to bypass that

  • kishan kumar

    I cannot download its shows 434 forbidden plz help

  • Cristobaldelicia

    I believe the download link here may only work in selected countries (US only?) Are you downloading in the US?

    • No we do not restrict download

  • Tiago Geraldes

    Hi. I downloaded the file, burned it to a cd-rom, and starter install. The CD is new, and is crystal clear. No scratches, no anything. During installation, and after formating the disk, two files weren’t present and now it’s giving me this error:
    SXS.DLL: Sintax error in manifest or policy file “E:I386asms52MSFTWINDOWSNETDXMRTPDXMRTP.MAN” on line 7.

    Error: Installation failed: EI386asms. Error messagr: Data error (cyclic redundancy check)

    What’s wrong? I tried reinstalling and it gives me the same. And the disk is now formatted. How can I fix this? I need my laptop.

  • Aakash Sharma

    For those whom the download is not working (didn’t work on my JIO (Indian) Network, neither on phone nor on tethered PC), use a proxy software like Hotspot Shield (I am downloading through this) or TOR (I have not tried this to download from but might work) etc.
    I don’t get it why I face problems on this site (or maybe the downloading mirror site) with JIO network. This time I am downloading Windows XP Sp3 32-bit for my old PC.
    I faced the same issue while downloading windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit.
    However, using a “Proxy” software sorted out my problem.
    Thanks ‘Softlay’ for providing unaltered original software ;)

  • Nikhil Singh

    I want to install windows xp with usb (pendrive) please give me steps

  • Novianto

    INF File txtsetup.sif is corrupt or missing ,
    Status 18 .

    Setup cannot continue ..

    Press any key to exit

  • jett

    is this legel or did you just copy this

    • legal iso, activate with your key

  • regrweg

    weird.. i install and it did not ask the key. After install, i check using wga tool and it genuine. Weird. May i know why?

  • Daniel Canaria

    Is this still work? Can i install this without product key?

  • Andrew Lee Cole


  • Nick


  • Md. Shahjahan Siraj

    what is the password for iso extractor


    Now my computer is in windows 7 ultimate 64 bits.It is not working properly.But I want to install windows XP.Pls help me.

  • István Fehér

    végre lelehetett tölteni hiba nélkül.

  • Artem Bakum

    im not need .exe file im need .iso

  • Dexter

    I got blue screen after the installation finish and reboot my computer. error code is 0x0000007B. May I know how to solve this?

  • Hehsam


  • Channel jelek

    aku download windows xp ya 64 bit

  • Eseosa Osakue

    Please how can I get xp.img

  • Eseosa Osakue

    Please how can I find xp.img download link